Our 2013 Season opens with exciting Halloween Entertainment!!
A nerve shattering mix of Evil Characters, digital sound, live actors and surprising special effects.
Village of the Damned 
Enter a haunted village like no other, the twisting paths of the eerie wooded village are alive with odd creatures, ghosts, and the living dead.  Be wary in the dark, something may be 
right behind you!  See live shows such as the "This is Your Afterlife", "Zombie Orientation", and creepy campfire ghost stories at the Witches Cauldron that will curdle your blood!
Between haunts you can catch your breath at the Hell’s Kitchen Concession Stand or dance ‘til you drop at our “Rockin’ Hallow’s Eve Party”.  Wait here with the damned for your time 
to line up for the main attractions and not feel like you're waiting for an eternity!

RELAX... if you can... as you board... TERROR TOWN TOURS ...a twisted HAUNTED HAYRIDE... Thrills and chills on unexpected turns and torch lit trails! Experience Family entertainment, with a dark sided TWIST!

Step into a New Domain of Horror as you find yourself inside the confines of SLAUGHTERHOUSE ASYLUM a maddening OUTDOOR MAZE... Will you escape or will you become on of its demented SOULS?

Will you SURVIVE?????   SPIRITS ON THE BOGGS an Outdoor Haunted Walk, nestled in the Depths and Darkness of a Desolate Village!  Step into the SURREAL world of the OTHER SIDE - where DARKNESS meets CHAOS!!

This and many more SINISTER SECRETS lie within the DARKNESS of SCREAMERS' HOLLOW!!

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