Introducing for 2014...
Two ALL NEW Halloweekend events on the same day!

We are excited to announce our new lineup of Halloweekends spooktacular fun for the October 2014 season which will run Saturday's & Sunday's from 10/11 to 10/26.

These events replace the former Screamer's Hollow.  
A new website and more information to follow soon so keep checking back.


Geared towards family fun and entertainment for all ages.  Guests will interact with village dweller's, be entertained with creepy-spooky shows, partake in ghoulish music & dancing, and wander through a monster garden where nothing is as it seems.  There is also a maze of mystery, games, pumpkin decorating, face painting & more.  
Spooky-town Kid's Village operates 4-7pm on Sat.'s & Sun.'s, 10/11-10/26.  
Adults $9.95, Kids $7.95 (ages 2-10)


At 7pm the witching hour begins as we welcome guests to enter our new Village of the Damned.  Recommended for ages 18 and up.  Enter at your own risk as you will be lured by demons, pursued by zombies, and sought by vampires whom wish to feast on your blood.  Along your travels you will interact with gruesome village inhabitants and be subjected to mischief and evil.  Stops along the way will often provide for misguided security while partaking in the comedy-horror of our live stage shows.  Don't let your guard down as you proceed through this lost village of the damned, because danger looms at every turn.  You will also have opportunity to partake in games of chance (lose your soul to the devil you may), foresee your destiny through the eyes of a gypsy, or desperately seek to find your way out of the Hospital of Horror & more.  What is for certain is that you will not leave the same as you came in...or perhaps not at all!  You have been forewarned!  Village of the Damned operates 7-10pm on Sat.'s & Sun.'s, 10/11-10/26.
$14.95 per person
$5.00 additional for Hospital of Horror maze

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